Psychological Services


Allied Psychological Services, P.C. is committed to provide the premium, result-oriented psychological services to children, adolescents, youngsters (individual, family, and couples). Our treatment programs are different to every individual as we believe that counselling and treatment should be tailored, based on one’s psychological situation. Our focus is on personal growth and the development of your overall mental, physical, and psychological wellness.
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In psychological therapies, our focus is on helping you identify the problem, its consequences and overcome the obstacles that may be preventing you from being happier and more satisfied with your life. Our psychological treatments involve an initial interview with the therapist to discuss the problem and understand the nature of your concerns and arrive at and understand to create a plan for addressing them.

What We Offer Under Psychological Services

  • Personal Therapy -Treatments for anxiety, alcoholism, depression, interpersonal issues, relationship problems and a lot more.
  • Couples Therapy -Couples therapy for personal relationship issues, family concerns, parenting, arguing, and communication issues.
  • Family Therapy -Family Therapy to help you and your child struggling socially, emotionally, or behaviourally.

Psychological Services

We are committed to providing the best possible psychological and substance abuse addiction services in the most confidential, comfortable, and professional environment possible. We offer services to families, couples, children, and adults by the licensed professionals with the knowledge to assess and treat a wide range of psychological problems. We understand your problems and then offer the best suitable treatments like assessment, diagnosis, consultation, or therapy. Let Us Help You Handle The Situation!
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Our psychotherapy starts with an intake/assessment with a therapist to discuss your concerns and create a plan for addressing them.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy aimed at teaching you skills to change your view of the world around you and break the negative patterns of depression and anxiety experienced amongst other problems.
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